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Step in the right direction

I began 2019 hoping for new adventures….and here I am.

I realised the journey is all about the initial idea, the second a thought blossoms, a ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…’ moment that grows and develops into a reality. But the idea must first be generated, plucked from a lifetime of ‘what if’s…’ so how do you find your motivation to change direction?

After a life of planning excursions around others, mostly my family and partners with demanding hobbies, choosing to 'let go' and think only about yourself is the answer to finding that first idea, the very first step. No self-help guide starts with your personal memories in its index and today I am taking time to think about the places that made me smile, the fleeting images of iridescent beaches and the most amazing, vigorous bougainvillea covered doorways and great open spaces that made me want to experience the same atmosphere and have those same sights again and again.

The reality of making life changing decisions passes us by when real life takes over but a simple idea , an inkling of a plan is doable and the best place to start a new adventure is by following your memories. 2019 sees the start of my simple idea coming to fruition, follow my blog and share my adventurous move to Cyprus and see if my love of vintage textiles and all things 'curious' is shared by the many or the few!

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