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Here in Cyprus our curiosity is our passion and this has blossomed into a small, family run studio in our hidden courtyard home. Being able to share our love for unique items that have their own curious history has inspired us to remodel, remake and bring back to life an exclusive range of vintage curios, handcrafted and homespun textiles, unique fashion items and home accessories.

 The courtyard studio offers a range of creative workshops and pop-up events in the hidden village of Lemona, high in the hills above Paphos.

 All of our handcrafted products are made using recycled items, each with its own curious journey, it's now up to you to continue the adventure!

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      The Curious Courtyard has earned a reputation for its unique design quality and traditionally handmade products, carefully produced.         

We go out of our way to introduce truly unique items that are available for you in our online shop or for you to collect in person from our secluded Courtyard workshop. We understand that your needs can change and we continue to source and develop exclusive items to stimulate your imagination alongside a range of creative and often curious workshops.

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